Porzingis Likes Melo’s IG Post & Skips Exit Meeting With Knicks Amid Frustration With Team

The Knicks are Kristaps Porzingis team now, but that doesn’t mean that the young stud is just going to allow Phil Jackson and the brass to treat Carmelo Anthony any type of way. The Latvian star hit the Knicks with a one-two perse — liking Anthony’s Instagram response, to Phil Jackson saying that he thought

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Tony Allen Out Indefinitely With Calf Injury

This hurts. Already unlikely to beat the Spurs — the Memphis Grizzlies today announced that guard Tony Allen has been diagnosed with a strain (calf) in his right leg. Allen is out indefinitely and will be continually re-evaluated while beginning rehab immediately. Allen would have likely drawn the assignment of guarding Kawhi Leonard.

HEAT Fans Go After Nets & Hawks Twitter Accounts For Resting Their Players

You can’t blame the Heat fans for this one, and what the hell is up with the Brooklyn Nets essentially handing away the No. 1 pick, while helping the Bulls make the playoffs. Its the Heat’s own fault they had to grind their way back after starting the year 11-30, and it looked like the

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Anthony Davis Denied Entry Into Hollywood Restaurant For Wearing a Hoodie

I guess Kortana Restaruant doormen don’t care how rich you, just how rich you look? The trendy West Hollywood restaurant barred the New Orleans Pelicans star and teammates from dining on Monday night because he was wearing a team hoodie, according to a New York Post report. A witness said, ‚ÄúDavis was pleading with the

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Jalen Rose Explains How Chris Webber’s Lying Permanently Damaged Steve Fisher’s Legacy

Judging from these recent comments from Jalen Rose, Chris Webber still may be on the outs with his former running mates, especially in regards to how it will ultimately effect Fisher’s history. Fisher coached San Diego State for the last 18 years — but his Michigan tenure will largely be remembered for the vacated Final

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LeBron James Foundation to Help Launch New Public School in Akron

It’s kind of hard to get on LeBron James for ignoring certain social issues, when he’s doing so much for the city of Akron. James and his foundation — according to USA Today — are teaming up with Akron Public Schools to create a new public school called the I Promise School. The school will

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Will Ben Simmons play in summer league After Confirming He’s Been Cleared

Your browser does not support iframes. The Sixers just received some pretty good news, but it remains to be seen how it effects the NBA Summer League. Ben Simmons tweeted out what seemed to be a good sign from his cat scan this morning. With one game left in the regular season, the tune now

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Charles Barkley Pays Inside The NBA Staffer $1K to Cut Off Man Bun (Video)

That might be the easiest $1,000 this staffer ever made. On TNT’s Inside The NBA — Charles Barkley made it clear that he’s on a mission to rid the world of man buns. While discussing his dislike of the hairstyle on Monday night — Barkley offered $1,000 to the show’s stage manager, Andy, to let

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Russell Westbrook Breaks Triple Double Record & Knocks Nuggets Out of Playoffs With ‘MVP’ 3 While Dropping 50 (Video)

Brodie just won the MVP in awesome fashion! Russell Westbrook records his 42nd triple-double, drops 50 PTS & hits the game-winner at the buzzer! MVP? WHY NOT!? #BrodieSZN pic.twitter.com/gMRwrVVO4J — Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) April 9, 2017