Ben Simmons Ruled Out for Rest of Season; Should Sixers Shutdown The Process

So much for the process, it looks like we're back to tanking in Philadelphia according to Keith Pompey. With his broken foot still not fully healed, Sixers brass will not risk his future on another lottery season, and have decided to shut him down for the rest of the year. The question now remains, should Philly do the same with Joel Embiid, who's missed almost 15 games with a knee injury? The 76ers announced that Embiid is officially listed as doubtful for the next two games but the rookie center isn't feeling how the team has previously reported his ... Read More

Sixers GM Upset About Joel Embiid Dancing Shirtless at Concert With Injured Knee (Video)

The Philadelphia 76ers love to be secretive when it comes to Joel Embiid's health, but at what cost. Fans were confused after seeing Embiid hit the stage with Meek Mill on Friday night, even after missing 12 of the teams previous 13 games with a knee injury. It didn't help that the 76ers chose to reveal that Embiid has a torn meniscus in his knee, after video of Embiid dabbing shirtless had already gone viral. Sixers president Bryan Colangelo is not thrilled, and was critical of The Process. “It’s not the best thing to see when you wake up on ... Read More

Shirtless Embiid Hit The Stage With Meek Mill & Shows Off Dance Moves (Video)

You have to trust 'The Process' -- even if that means your injured, franchise center hitting the stage with Meek Mill. Joel Embiid was the life of the party on Friday night at the Meek Mill and Friends concert at the Wells Fargo Center. The 76ers center hit the stage and shed his shirt while he danced, dabbed and shut the building down. Embiid has missed 11 of the past 12 games with a knee injury, but it's still a process. Meek Mill just called Joel Embiid onto the stage to dance to Future's Wicked and he took his shirt ... Read More

Joel ‘The Process’ Embiid on Whether he’ll Participate in 3-point Contest

Will Joel Embiid become the first true center/big man to participate in the NBA's three-point contest? The 76ers star big man told the Philadelphia Inquirer that he'd love to. Then the 76ers center was asked if he would entertain the thought of entering the contest. This season's NBA all-star events run Feb. 16-18 at Smoothie King Center in New Orleans. The three-point contest will be on Feb. 17. “It would be nice,” Embiid said with a smile. “It would be nice. I don’t know.” The 7-foot-2, Embiid is shooting 50 percent on three-pointers, having made 15 of 30 attempts. "If ... Read More

J.R. Smith Made NBA history in The Worst Way During Cavs’ Win Over The Sixers

J.R. Smith and the Cavaliers had already left the horseshoe hours before any post game festivities had taken place, so you can't blame this streak on any type of bender in Columbus. During Cleveland's 112-108 win on the road against the Sixers -- Smith played 38 minutes and 31 seconds -- going 0-for-11 shooting to finish with zero points. According to Basketball Reference, a player has gone scoreless 88 times in that 38 minute span -- but Smith had the highest number of field goal attempts than any player on the list. Those Sunday, matinée games just are in the ... Read More

frustrated Embiid kicks chair after minutes limit keeps him out of 2nd OT (Video)

'The Process' has to understand that he's still going through a process. Joel Embiid had to sit out the 76ers' double-overtime period on Wednesday against the Memphis Grizzlies, due to his minutes limit. Embiid had already logged 27 by the time double-OT rolled around, and didn't take the news well. The 76ers were outscored 13-8 in the frame, as the Grizzlies won 104-99. Joel Embiid was not able to play in the second OT due to minutes restrictions and he was NOT happy about it— Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) November 24, 2016

USA Basketball on Whether Players Would be Expected To ‘Support’ Trump

Smart move by USA Basketball -- which understands that having a dominant program is more important than having players pledge allegiance to Donald Trump. Retired U.S. Army general Martin E. Dempsey - who was named the future chair of USA Basketball on Tuesday - told that the players who suit up for the national program are representing their country, not any one or particular president. "They are not representing President-elect (Donald) Trump," Dempsey told Andy Katz and Rich Klein on the ESPN/ABC News podcast Capital Games. "They are representing the country where we have a system that stood the ... Read More

Embiid Files Trademark for ‘The Process’ to sell Shirley Temples & other Goods

Kudos to Joel -- and this should be easy money, because he really did "trust the process" for two long years. After branding himself "The Process" last month, Joel Embiid is now looking to capitalize on his brand by trademarking it according to Crossing Broad. Using his agency CAA Sports -- the 7ers star filed a trademark on "The Process" for goods and services, including "apparel, namely, shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, sweatpants, hats and flip-flops." To make it even funnier, Embiid also submitted a second filing that lists some different goods and services like -- "Rubber bracelets; Children's books; Non-alcoholic beverages, ... Read More

Okafor Forced to wear Kansas Gear After Losing Bet to Embiid (Photos)

Jahlil should have the last laugh in March. When Frank Mason III hit that last-second shot to give the Kansas Jayhawks a 77-75 victory over the Duke Blue Devils on Tuesday night -- he made Joel Embiid's week as well. That's because fellow Philadelphia 76er teammates Joel Embiid -- a top-three pick out of Kansas -- and Jahlil Okafor -- a top-three pick out of Duke -- placed a wager on the game. Embiid -- always the clown on Twitter -- rubbed it in on Okafor after his No. 7 Jayhawks knocked off the No. 1 Blue Devils. ... Read More

76ers Dario Saric on the All-Star Games & MVP’s In Embiid’s Future

Dario Saric has only played six games with Joel Embiid, and he's already sold on his all-world potential. After the Philadelphia 76ers delivered their first win of the season, Saric revealed that Embiid has a bright future. "Now he is great, but one day he will be you know really star," Saric told Brian Seltzer of "He got more than, I don't know, 10, 12, 15 All-Star Game. He'll be MVP of league because that guy, he can. I'm very happy because I have the chance to play with someone like him." Friday night -- Embiid dropped 25 points ... Read More