Charles Barkley on Odell Beckham Becoming ‘Too Famous’


Charles Barkley is the go to expert on everything wrong with black athletes it seems — so it was not shocking to see him weigh in on the Odell Beckham Jr., Josh Norman beef.

During a new GQ profile — Beckham jabbed Norman again — saying that the All-Pro’s decision to sign with Washington — was in part a ploy to remain “relevant” by continuing the rivalry between the two stars.

Norman laughed off the comments in the video below — but Barkley believes Beckham is getting a little ahead of himself.

The NBA Hall of Famer appeared on Friday’s NFL Total Access, where he told Willie McGinest that the fame might be getting to the Giants star.

“Well that’s just stupid,” Barkley said. “Josh Norman is fantastic. I mean c’mon man. I think that Beckham, I don’t know him I’ve only said hello to him one time. There’s two ways fame works: You run fame or fame runs you. And it can get out of hand very quickly.

“And I think Odell Beckham is a stud and he’s getting a lot of commercials, but I think he’s starting to get to the point where he’s becoming too famous instead of worrying how to become a great football player. I think he needs to be careful. Just lay low and just kick butt on the field. I mean, nobody cares about all that extracurricular stuff. And Josh Norman, he earned his money. Congratulations to that man.”

Barkley is always outspoken, and usually leads off any conversation about our athletes with “well that’s just stupid.”

It’s just talk — between two athletes who’ll likely face off twice a season — adding intrigue to the rivalry.

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