Charlotte Observers Cartoonist Kevin Siers Mocks Cam Newton’s Superman Pose

Oh when it rains it pours for Cam Newton, and right now there are a flood of emotions running around.

Newton has caught a ton of flack in the past week for his demeanor during and following an ugly loss to the Giants.

Yesterday he had to deny that he was seeing a psychiatrist or as reported a mind coach to deal with his emotions.

This morning the newspaper that covers his beloved Carolina Panthers took a big shot at him.

The Charlotte Observer and columnist Kevin Siers ran a photo in the cartoon section this morning mocking his superman pose.

The thread read “I like to pretend there’s a big “S” on my Chest..”

In the photo there’s no superman shirt or huge S on Newton’s chest.  Instead he’s wearing a pink hello kitty t-shirt.

A direct shot and reference to his recent sensitivity in my opinion.

Take a deep breathe Cam and just lay on the couch.

H/T Charlotte Observer

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