Chris Johnson’s Owes You an Apology

Chris Johnson had a major announcement yesterday for all of his twitter fans.  I think he is feeling the heat after languishing thru a mediocre season at best and watching running backs such as LeSean McCoy, Maurice Jones-Drew, Arian Foster, and Ray Rice take the lead in the best back in the game conversation.

Yes that bold statement was not the shocker I expected.  @ChrisJohnson28 let everyone know he would lead the NFL in rushing next season.  Tell me something I didn’t expect you to say.  How about this.  Tweet that you apologize for letting your fans down. Say that you have your rich-broke hunger back.  You know rich by regular folk like myself status, but broke by paid NFL elite status.  That same hunger you ran with when you only earned $1.065 million a season.  That hunger that had fans sticking up for you when you were severely underpaid.  That hunger you had before you signed that monstrous 6 year 56 million contract extension.  Apologize for coming into camp out of shape leading to you only averaging 3.9 yards a carry with only 4 total touchdowns.  Apologize to the fantasy football owners whose season you totally ruined.

We’re waiting.


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