Clippers G J.J. Redick Had An Ex-Girlfriend Sign An Abortion Contract

It seems Clippers guard J.J. Redick and a former girlfriend of his actually had contracts drawn up in case of an abortion.

Deadspin is reporting that Redick and ex-girlfriend Vanessa Lopez had a contract drawn up in 2007, negotiating how an impending abortion should be handled.

Lopez essentially agreed to have an abortion on the condition that Redick agree to maintain a “relationship” with her for at least one year.


Redick who was a 22 year old rookie at the time, had a confidentiality agreement included in the contract, and also stated that if the two had any contact after the relationship, Ms. Lopez would be guilty of stalking. 


damn J.J.

Ms. Lopez reportedly once was accused of stalking Shaq. 

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