Cole Beasley on Why He Isn’t a Fan of LeBron & Being a Kobe Guy (Video


Cowboys wide receiver Cole Beasley ruffled some feathers when he made it clear that he’s not a fan of LeBron James, and wasn’t imitating the Cavs superstar with his TD celebration on Sunday against the Browns.

Beasley raised eyebrows when he did a celebration that mirrored LBJ’s famous chalk toss pre-game ritual.

Beasley is screaming no to the tribute, and to any talk of him being a fan of LeBron, telling 105.3 The Fan that he’s a Kobe fan.

“He’s not my type of guy. I’m a Kobe guy,” Beasley says. “He goes to the bucket like he’s a running back and wants to cry when someone touches his arm. He’s just not my type of guy, man.”

It’s definitely awkward, especially with James being a huge Cowboys fan.

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