Colts Cheerleader Agrees To Shave Head If $10,000 Is Raised For Leukemia

The Indianapolis Colts players and organization have done a wonderful job in supporting head coach Chuck Pagano in his fight against Leukemia.

Now the biggest supporters of the Colts want to get involved.

Larry Brown Sports is reporting that a Colts cheerleader named Megan M. will shave her head in support of Leukemia research, if the Colts mascot, Blue, can raise $10,000 for Leukemia research.

The agreement was hashed out in funny video featured on

Blue would now like fans to visit to make a donation to the CHUCKSTRONG fund.

Blue reportedly has until November 25, to raise the $10,000.

If the money is raised, Megan will have her head shaved at halftime of the Colts vs Bills game.

Good for your Megan.



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