Could Brandon Weeden Or Kellen Moore Replace Tim Tebow?

Yes I know I’m speaking without any draft knowledge of who the Denver Broncos might draft, It’s good for conversation tho.

The Bronco are reportedly interested in both quarterbacks and may take a fly on one of them in the later rounds.  Both quarterbacks returned from last weeks NFL Combine with their share of doubters.  Weeden will turn 29 in October and has GM’s running scared because of that fact.  Weeden has a good arm and can make all the NFL throws.  He has excellent size, leadership qualities, and professional maturity having played major league baseball.

Kellen Moore is dislike by almost everyone with a credible opinion but did get some good news when he measured in at 6 feet tall.  Moore does not possess the ideal size but makes up for that by being an excellent decision maker.  Moore is extremely accurate and efficient.  One of the major questions would be whether Moore’s average arm strength would transition well in the Mile High air.

Regardless of both their deficiencies both quarterbacks are the pure pocket passers that Tebow is not.  It will be interesting to see what the Broncos will do if either player is available.



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    It will be fuuny to see if John Elway will try to replace Tim Tebow

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