Cowboys Claiborne Will Be In Camp

I can appreciate the optimism and flat-out desire to be apart of the organization that drafted him.

Dallas Cowboys first round draft pick Morris Claiborne vows to not be a hold-out and participate in training camp with or without a deal. via The Shreveport Times is reporting that Claiborne is hell-bent on being a Cowboys and is “patiently waiting.”

Claiborne also stated after the patiently waiting comment, “You hear a lot of talk about people saying I’m holding out.  No, I’m not holding out.  I’m going to camp signed or not signed.  It don’t matter.”

Gotta love his exuberance to want to get in and compete.

We all know from a business standpoint the Cowboys can sense he is impatient and now know he will sign sooner than later.

In previous season Claibornes insistence on getting a deal done could have led to a low ball offer from Dallas.

With the new Collective Bargaining Agreement in place Claibornes salary is already slotted so it’s now just a wait and see game.


  1. Reply Post By samco25

    Good to hear that competing and football is priority and purely runs inside of his veins instead of just monetary value. The proof is in the pudding I`m really looking forward to the new addition!

  2. If everyone involved is “feeling the love” and the new CBA takes away the drama, then why hasn’t he been signed?

    1. I believe the hold up is a guaranteed 4th year and some contract language. Should all be fine tho.

    2. love the site. will be following now

      1. Thanks dude! Keep up the good work.

  3. My understanding is that rookies can’t attend training camp without a contract.

    The “offset language” appears to be the hold up for all 8 first picks. In fact RGIII didn’t show up at the Skins rookie camp today because of no contract. Jerry will have to give Mo and his agent the contract language they want. Got no ground to stand on.

    1. well i hope they hurry up already. always something holding these picks up.

  4. Reply Post By lee73

    Good Ish!

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