Cowboys Jason Witten Suffers Injured Spleen

The injury bug continues to hit the Dallas Cowboys and this time it hit kind of hard. is reporting that tight end Jason Witten suffered a spleen injury and some internal bleeding from a hit he received during Monday nights preseason opener against the Oakland Raiders.

Wittens spleen is not ruptured and won’t need surgery, but he will be out the rest of the preseason.

Head coach Jason Garrett stated that “Witten needs to be idle for 8 to days.”

 “It is a very serious injury and we’re really taking this day-by-day,” Garrett said. “He has to be very still and idle for the next week to 10 days. You won’t see him out on the practice field. We have to make sure he heals as well as possible and as quickly as possible.”

Jason Witten is an intergral part of any success the Cowboys can have on offense, and it essential that he returns when healthy to be Tony Romo’s get out of jail free card.


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    The Cowboys just better hope this doesn’t turn into something serious, even though they say it’s not that serious.

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