Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Sees No Difference In Replacement Referee’s

Either the regular National Football League referees are that bad, or there are owners and coaches lying to save face.

Pro Football Talk is reporting that Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has jumped into the fray on whether or not the replacement refs are suitable.

Jones while speaking on 103.5 the fan was asked if he was concern about the referee lockout.

“No I’m not,” Jones said. “As long as it’s the same for both sides — and it will be — we’ll be all right. And they’re going to get better as they move along.”

Jones also made comments regarding whether or not refereeing should be a full-time job.

“I think we get better people by having officials that don’t make it full time,” Jones said. “When you only are officiating 16 games a year, plus the playoff games, it doesn’t warrant full-time officials.”

Finally when asked if he noticed any difference between the regular and replacement referees’ jones replied,

“I haven’t, really, because I can take any game at this juncture in any year and come up with criticism of the officiating,” Jones said. “It’s subjective in so many areas, and we’ve got in place a pretty good backup system now with our replays, and when it’s replayed. If anything, I’ve seen in a couple of our games the replay procedure needs improvement. . . . That has, in my mind, nothing to do with these replacement officials.”

We’ll see how he feels if one of those call affects his franchise.

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