Cowboys rookie CB on Why He No Longer ‘Respects’ Steve Smith (Video)


Dallas Cowboys rookie cornerback Anthony Brown said he held the utmost respect for Baltimore’s Steve Smith coming into Sunday’s game, but that is all gone now.

Smith caught eight passes for 99 yards and a touchdown against Dallas in a loss, and it appears that Brown grew tired of Smith’s penchant for talking and being extra with it.

“I had respect for him before the game, but after the game I have no respect for him anymore,” Brown said. “He’s a real character, and I actually saw it for myself [Sunday]. I don’t got nothing to say about Steve Smith.”

“Coming into the game they already told me what kind of player he was,” said Brown, a sixth-round pick out of Purdue. “But until you see it for yourself, then you’re just, ‘calm down,’ but it’s hard because he keeps yapping after every play. It’s kind of hard.”

Brown told reporters afterwards — that he didn’t appreciate how Smith carried on after several plays.

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