Dallas Should Take A Run At Barron!

The Dallas Cowboys have several pressing needs to address in the 2012 NFL Draft.  defensive back, linebacker, offensive line, and defensive line to name a few.  Even with the addition of Cornerback Brandon Carr and Safety Brodney Pool, the Cowboys objective with their first round pick should be to add a certain Alabama Strong Safety.

The Dallas Cowboys have a definite identity crisis.  That crisis starts with the secondary and some days ends with that same porous secondary.   In a league and division fixated with the passing game, the Cowboys have no playmakers or game changers in there secondary.  Third downs against the Dallas Cowboys last season were probably the most successful down for opposing offenses.   A Dallas defense that already lacked a steady pass rush would crumble after a few seconds of coverage time after time.

The Cowboys ranked 23rd in passing defense last season.  The lack of playmakers really hits home when you notice that the Packers, Patriots, Saints, and World Champion New York Giants all actually defended the pass worst than the Dallas Cowboys.

Dallas has no shot at the top corner prospect Morris Claiborne but could have their choice of Dre Kirkpatrick or the rising Stephon Gilmore.

My dream scenario would be for the Dallas Cowboys to select Alabama strong safety Mark Barron.  Yes I know some experts would consider that a reach at 14.  I don”t care.  I totally disagree.  Mark Barron is the truth.  Period.   In my opinion.   He has good size at 6’1 213.  That size will allow him to be a presence against the running game, while still being well-rounded enough to play with range and possess solid ball skills.  Barron would immediately bring some sense of an identity and existence to a secondary that has lacked pop for a long time.    He could become a leader and quarterback for a defense that really lacked both qualities.   Barron is a proven winner who plays with the edge the Boys sorely need.

Jerry Jones is known to do what he chooses on draft day.  He may choose to address the offensive line or even trade down and hope one of those two cornerbacks I mentioned earlier are still available.    I feel it is essential for Jones and the Cowboys take a hard look at Mark Barron.    Pause.


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    Great article

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    I disagree and the Cowboys should draft a defensive lineman

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