Damian Lillard Helps Kid Get Into His Camp After Moms Heartfelt DM


Damian Lillard dispels all the ugly stereotypes of the rich athlete — proving on a daily basis that he truly is special.

The Blazers star point guard is selfless, and proved it again with this amazing story of a mother’s supreme effort to make her sons dreams of basketball camp come true.

A mother name Erica wanted to make sure that her son could attend Dame’s camp for the second year in a row, but juggling activities with an older son made things a little difficult — causing the mom to get the funds for the camp after the deadline.

After being told that the camp was full, Erica reached out to Lillard via direct message — offering a heartfelt requesting room for one more camper.

Not only did Lillard respond — but he footed the bill himself — saving Erica money as well.

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