DeSean Jackson Admits He Lacked Effort Last Season

DeSean Jackson likes to talk.  He actually likes to talk a lot. via Lisa Salters is reporting that Jackson confided in Salters recently that he didn’t give full effort last season because he didn’t want to get hurt before signing a new deal.

Tell us something we didn’t know DeSean.

When asked by Salters about moments where his effort was lacking, he avoided divulging too much information about moments of lackadaisical effort.

“I let it get to me, even though I tried not to let it. I was trying to protect myself from getting hurt — now I’m just giving it all.”

So after admitting he dogged it at times last season, DeSean again dodge the actually question.

Jackson signed a five-year, $51 million extension with $15 million guaranteed in March.

This now means Jackson can not have any moments of dogging it or short arming routes going across the middle.

He is a rich man now and the effort should be there at all times.



  1. Good story. At times I have suspected that certain players were dogging it. Haven’t you? It’s a business for these guys and unfortunately it shows at times. Probably not a good idea for DeSean to admit it but I’m glad someone is confirming what I thought was true.

    1. yea i feel you. guys dog it when they are on losing teams or playing for a contract. just he would have been more open to the questions. he ducked her questions. don’t make the statement then duck out.

      1. True that.
        He must have suddenly realized he was opening up Pandora’s box. Then clamed up.

        I think guys who have played football before can especially tell when players aren’t giving it their all.

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