DeSean Jackson Keeps His Cool

DeSean Jackson has been known to be a hot head and a bad boy here and there during his NFL career.   He is also known to be a giving person who participates in several different adolescent charities.   This morning a state trooper tried to bring out the bad boy in DeSean who was on his way to a Pediatric Cancer event at a church in Philadelphia.

Reports from BlackSportsOnline and ProFootballTalk state that Jackson was pulled over around 9am by a state trooper as he headed into Philadelphia to attend his charity event.

DeSean was driving what looked to be a sick blue or green Camaro with heavily tinted windows.  The state trooper reportedly suspected Jackson of being drunk and possibly made him take a field sobriety test.

TMZ reports that a witness on the scene stated that the trooper was “very rough with DeSean, and spent most of the time yelling at the NFL Star.”   The witness also reported that DeSean “never gave the trooper an attitude and followed all his instructions.  Those same reports indicate Jackson was released with no ticket after passing a sobriety test.

I’m proud of DeSean for keeping his cool and understand that this was probably not his first experience with an eager unruly officer who after noticing who he pulled over felt the need to nudge and no pun intended bust DeSean Jackson’s balls.

Big ups to DeSean for keeping his cool and still making it to Baptist church to support his cause.

Salute DeSean Jackson!


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    he held his composure can’t ask for more

  2. Outstanding. I agree.

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