Details on Baylor OL Arrested for Stalking His Ex-GF


Baylor can’t seem to change its “culture” or get out of its own way.

Per the Waco Tribune — Baylor offensive lineman Rami Hammad was arrested Monday for felony stalking — after a university professor called 911 and reported Hammad had waited for his ex-girlfriend outside of class.

The woman told Hammad, a 21-year-old junior from Irving, to leave before she went into the class, but he waited for her outside, according to the affidavit. Seeing him waiting, the woman was afraid to leave alone and asked for the professor’s help.
She and the professor left together, and Hammad followed them to the professor’s office, where he began knocking on the door for several minutes, according to the affidavit.
After unsuccessful calls to Baylor athletics, the professor and student decided to call police, saying they feared for their safety, according to the affidavit.
During interviews that day, police told Hammad not to have any further contact with the woman, and investigators told him again during an interview July 11 not to have contact with her, the affidavit states.

Baylor released this statement on the matter:

According to the reports — the woman told officers that she had taken “extensive measures” to keep Hammad from knowing her whereabouts before starting summer school — including leasing a brand new vehicle to throw him off her tracks.

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