Details on Eddie Lacy Getting Hefty Bonus From Seahawks For Making Weight

The Seahawks were smart, we can assume for sprinkling several incentive laden weigh-ins for all the important food loving running back.

It wasn’t the easiest $55,000 Eddie Lacy has ever earned, but the Seahawks running back just received a nice direct deposit, after weighing in at 253 pounds Monday, two pounds under the required 255 pounds.

According to — the team tied $385k to specific weight loss targets throughout the year, with Lacy hitting the first.

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll had this to say to 710 ESPN Seattle:

“He looks awesome. He looks great. He’s huge. And he’s going to keep playing huge. He did a fantastic job. He’s done everything we’ve asked him to do.”

The next weigh-in will be on June 12 and requires him to be at 250 pounds or less — while Lacy has to be at 250 pounds or less on Aug. 1 as well.

He’ll be weighed once a month from September through December and has to weigh 245 pounds or less to earn those bonuses.

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