Details on How RG3’s Wife Found Out He Was Cheating With Grete Sadeiko (Photos)


So it appears Robert Griffin III may not have been the victim after all?

It was orginally thought that FSU Track Athlete Grete Sadeiko was the Brown’s stars rebound girlfriend — post separation, but a source close BSO detailed more:

Robert was cheating with that girl, that is why they are getting divorced. Rebecca (RG3’s wife) won’t speak on the matter publicly because she wants to protect her daughter. It’s not his “new girlfriend” it was an affair and she ruined their family, by actively pursuing a married man.

RG3 was reportedly carrying on the affair in plain sight — while TMZ Sports is reporting that Rebecca Liddicoat found out about the new woman the say way everyone else did.

That RG3 is serious about Greta is evident — he’s leaving his wife and got a tattoo of Grete on his arm.

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