Details on Rockets Plan To Evaluate GM At Seasons End


Daryl Morey has received high praise in the past for his gambler moves as Houston GM, but the successful front office executive could end up following Dwight Howard out of the door.

After winning 56 games last season, and making the conference finals, Houston is 38-41 and in danger of missing the playoffs all together.

Marc Stein and Calvin Watkins of are reporting that the Rockets will evaluate the franchise from top-to-bottom — with Daryl Morey being under the biggest micrsocpe.

Sources told ESPN that the Rockets believe every aspect of the organization — coaching staff, front office and, of course, their roster — must be subject to a thorough review in the wake of Houston’s slide to a 38-41 outfit that’s at serious risk to miss the playoffs after damaging losses this week to Dallas and Phoenix….

Sources say Morey, whose contract runs through the 2017-18 season, ‎also faces some uncertainty in the wake of the Rockets’ struggles. Morey’s ever-bold approach to roster assembly won deserved kudos for bringing Harden (October 2012) and Howard (July 2013) to Houston in quick succession, but team chemistry has been a rising concern this season given the well-chronicled deterioration in the Harden/Howard relationship and the failed offseason gamble on guard Ty Lawson.

Lawson and Howard are going to come back to bite Morey more than anything in my opinion. Houston is 34-34 under Bickerstaff — after starting the season 4-7 under McHale.

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