Details on Steph Curry Filing Trademarks To Ensure Control of His Brand


Even after a heartbreaking loss in the NBA Finals — Stephen Curry is going about the business of ensuring that his brand is prestige.

According to Darren Heitner of — Curry applied for trademarks on four name-related phrases — “Steph Curry,” “Stephen Curry,” “Chef Curry,” and “Curry.”

According to Heitner — Curry has taken serious steps to protect his image – down to the smallest of items.

Just how extensive is the protection that Curry Craves? The image below shows the myriad of products and services that Curry apparently seeks to create and sell in conjunction with the four applied for marks. They include anti-glare visors, crayons, leggings, board games and charitable services

Curry still needs to accompany the applications with a written note of consent — showing proof of use by the two-time MVP.

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