Dez Bryant Fires Drew Rosenhaus


I’m truly not sure if this decision was based on Dez trying to improve himself by subtraction, or if this is Dez just continuing to be Dez. is reporting that Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant has fired his agent Drew Rosenhaus and re-hired his original agent Eugene Parker.

Parker helped Bryant negotiate his rookie deal two years ago which was five-years $11.8 million.

Bryant then fired Parker before the season ended to join the Rosenhaus stable of athletes.

Some speculate Bryant is trying to make better choices now and parting with Rosenhaus is a start.

Dallas Cowboys COO Stephen Jones weighted in on the matter.

“He’s making decisions he thinks will better him,” Cowboys chief operating officer Stephen Jones said. “We support him in the decisions he makes. If he feels that is going to make him better, we support him. I have no issues with Drew or Eugene.”

I can applaud Bryant trying to change, I’m just not sure changing agents will matter.

Yes he may have a good relationship with Parker, but if he cared he wouldn’t have replaced Parker in the first place.

Bryant’s change has to start within. ¬†Better choices, being responsible and accountable for his actions.

He can switch agents 6 times and it won’t affect his personal life one bit unless he makes better choices.


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    I agree and I hope it works out for the best

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