“Did Lochte Makeup Rio Robbery Lie Because He Was Afraid of His Mom?”


According to Matt Gutman — Ryan Lochte and three US swimmers couldn’t have been getting robbed in a Rio taxi — because were caught on film drunkenly demolishing a bathroom door at a Rio gas station and fought with security according to new reports.

Lochte darted out of Rio on Wednesday morning — getting spotted in Charlotte — while his buddies — US Olympic swimmers Jack Conger and Gunnar Bentz have been detained by Brazilian authorities.

Lochte changed his story about the robbery in an interview on Wednesday night with NBC — but it seems like the swimmers destroyed that door after a hard night of partying, and the gun that everyone got their heads came from the gas station security, not armed militia.

That would explain Lochte calling home to his mom and instead of saying we wrecked a bathroom — the swimmer concocted a story straight from the movies.

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