Did Stephen A. Smith Fall Asleep On First Take Today? (Video)

Skip Bayless must be a really boring guy.

Stephen A. Smith does a variety of different things over at ESPN.  You can catch him dissecting the Giants or the NBA on the 9:00 am SportsCenter, and then turn right around and watch him live on his bread and butter show, ESPN’s First Take.

After that Smith heads over to an afternoon radio gig for ESPN as well.  With all that said, we definitely know that Stephen A. works hard at his craft, and puts in a lot of hours.

With all those hours of hard work comes some sleep deprivation that can sometimes catch you at the worst moment.

For Stephen A. that moment came Friday morning on First Take when it appears that Smith fell asleep during a boring rant from Skip Bayless regarding the mess that is the Jets.

Some may try and spin it as Stephen A. showing Bayless and his boring theatrics up, but its no doubt in my mind that the great Stephen A. Smith caught a few z’s on live TV this morning.

H/T The Big Lead

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