Doc Rivers Goes Ballistic after Being Ejected Following Technical Foul (Video)


It doesn’t happen often, but when Doc Rivers is pissed, he’s pissed!

The Clippers head coach hasn’t had much to stress about this season, but went nuclear after getting assessed a technical foul during overtime of the Clippers’ ugly five-point loss to the Brooklyn Nets on Tuesday.

Rivers was T’d up with less than 20 seconds and the Clippers already having given up 117 points to the lowly Nets.

Afterwards Doc explained why he lost it.

Rivers was pissed that referee Lauren Holtkamp called a disputed foul on the Clippers following the inbounds pass by Brooklyn. Rivers was then given a technical while trying to explain that his team wasn’t trying to foul intentionally.

It went left from there.

The Call by Holtkamp was horrible, and came from the other end of the floor.

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