Doug Baldwin on Some NFL Owners Forbidding Anthem Protests


I can believe everything Baldwin is saying, and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out just what team owners he’s referring to.

Seattle Seahawks star wide receiver Doug Baldwin, has been outspoken about police brutality, and made an appearance on this week’s edition of Any Given Wednesday with Bill Simmons.

While a guest, Baldwin had some interesting things to say — even claiming that some NFL owners “have taken a stand and told players to do certain things, which I think is egregious.”

“There’s been owners that have told their players to do specific things or to not do specific things … regarding the National Anthem and the protests,” Baldwin said. “The one quote that I was informed of was, ‘You’re going to stand on the line with your hand on your heart and you’re going to sing the National Anthem because this is my stage.’”

Baldwin only provided second-hand information, so we don’t have any specifics on team or owner, but telling a team or player they can’t protest “because this is my stage” is the reason the NFL will eventually get surpassed by their NBA brethren.

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