Dwight Freeney Working With The Feds!

When I see a lead story on  a sports news outlet featuring another athlete scammed or duped out of significant amounts of cash, I immediately try to play the whole scenario out in my mind.  Star athlete meets shady character who claims they can invest and turn that bit of cash into a fortune.   Shady character says hey let me be your financial advisor.   Watch that money for you.  Lazy educated athlete say sure I’m to busy to count all this money anyway.

Yes I know that surely is not how fraud and Ponzi take place.  You get my point tho.

Recently Indianapolis Colts star defensive end Dwight Freeney joined that list of millionaire star athletes who have had shady characters robbed  them of some of their fortune.

A couple posing as financial advisors recently bilked Dwight Freeney for more than $2.2 million dollars in phony wire transfers for almost a year beginning in May 2010.

According to federal documents obtained by TMZ Eva D. Weinberg and Michael A. Stern were arrested after an investigation found that the two lovers used Freeney’s cash to buy expensive sunglasses, stay in luxury suites, and were planning to buy their own private plane for $1.5 million.  I’m not sure how big that plane would have been.

I am not rich can’t relate at all to Dwight Freeney, Terrell Owens or any other high-profile athlete who has had their money just develop feet and walk away.  I can say that “In My Opinion” no college educated athlete should need nor trust two people they hardly know to control several of their bank accounts.

Come on Dwight!

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    I’m sure they were charged with wire fraud! These players need to be careful who they trust, even their own accountants.

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