Dwyane Wade on Why HEAT Fans Shouldn’t Cheer For Him


Dwyane Wade would prefer to skip the applause and video tribute during his return to Miami, choosing to focus on leading his hometown Bulls to the playoffs.

On Thursday night in a nationally televised game, Wade will return to Miami for the first time as a Chicago Bulls player. If Heat fans can get their on time — Wade should get a warm welcome — seeing as how he won three championships.

Uncertain of whether he’ll be booed or cheered — Wade told ESPN’s Nick Friedell that he wants Heat fans to “focus on the new era.”

“If you’re not in this business, it’s hard to understand,” Wade said Monday, three nights before his first game against the Heat since his departure. “But I don’t even want them to understand — I want them to appreciate what we accomplished together. I want them to cheer for their team that they have, support those players over there that’s giving their all. Support the future of the organization and be thankful that we all was able to experience an unbelievable ride together. That’s all you can do.”

“You never know,” he said. “You never know how you’re going to be received. But I did everything possibly right in my time there. So hopefully I’m received [for] what I’ve given to the franchise, organization. But at the same time you never know. You might hear a boo or something at some point. Everybody don’t like you. You got to understand that. But I think overall it will be positive.”

This should be a love fest in the beginning, before Heat fans shower Wade with boos as he closes them out.

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