Eagles Andy Reid Is Now On The Hot Seat

For years there have been rumors about Philadelphia Eagles being on the hot sear, or possibly being fired if he didn’t succeed.

Never has he had an ultimatum placed on his wins and losses until now.

CBSSports.com is reporting that Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie made it very clear yesterday that an 8-8 record would not cut, and probably would get Reid fired.

“You know, my expectations, I’ve said it before and I said it after last season [that] I expect a substantially improved team,” Lurie said. “We all thought we were better than 8-8 but we weren’t because your record tells you what you were.”

“Again, I am not going to make blanket statements,” Lurie said. “I really wanted to try to explain to you that 8-8 was unacceptable. Yeah, I guess if two thirds of the team is not playing [then] there are always exceptions. That was a really unacceptable outcome. I just want to reiterate that.”

Andy Reid and Jeffrey Lurie have been joined at the hip for 14 seasons now.  Lurie has been loyal to Reid and owes him nothing.

It is that relationship alone that allows Andy Reid to have a heads up on where his future stands.

It’s now on you Michael Vick.


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