Eagles Hire Former Navy Seal To Be Sports Science Coordinator

New Eagles head coach Chip Kelly plans to get the most out of his new team, and maximize their full potential.  To do that, Kelly and the Eagles have hire a former Navy Seal.

According to USA Today, Shaun Huls will serve as the Eagles’ “Sports Science Coordinator,”  a job separate from strength and conditioning.

Huls, per the Eagles, previously was the strength, conditioning and “combatives” coordinator for Navy Special Warfare.  So Kelly wants his team in the best shape possibly.

Kelly has previous experience with Navy SEAL training. In 2011, he put his Oregon team through a program called “Judgment Day” led by a former SEALs trainer, and in 2010 told The New York Times how much he admired military-style training.

Kelly will bring his fast paced, high-octane system with him, and with that will need his team to be able to withstand running close to 100 plays per game.

For an offensive line, and defense that faded many a game last year, I think this will work fine.


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