Dogs Owned by Eagles Bryce Brown Seized in Dog Fighting Investigation


The Philadelphia Inquirer is reporting that Philadelphia Eagles running back Bryce Brown is a suspect in a dog fighting ring after A pit bull and her seven puppies belonging  Brown were among the animals seized in a suspected dog fighting sting in Wisconsin.

A county judge on Friday ordered the dog named Eilis returned to Brown after it was removed from a pit bull breeding kennel near Eau Claire.

The owner of Northland Pits, Joseph A. Sudbrink was arrested and charged with mistreating animals,, running a breeding kennel without a license. Author ties say a criminal investigation is continuing, the newspaper said. Nineteen other dogs remain in the custody of the Eau Claire County Humane Association. A humane officer, BeKah Weitz, told the court she saw scarring on the dogs and believed the kennel operators were fighting the dogs. The kennel’s website says it is a breeder of “quality old family red nose pit bulls.” It also says that no dogs are “bred, sold or used for any illegal activities.” Weitz said dogs had contracted ringworm and possibly had other skin issues. She said they also were being kept in substandard conditions, specifically in houses without bottoms in damp conditions.

These allegations come almost four years after the Eagles signed the most famous dog fighting suspect in history, Michael Vick.

It will definitely be interesting to see how the Eagles handle this.



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