Ex-Eagles LB On Ezekiel Elliott Already Being Better Than Emmitt Smith


We’ve all seen great running backs have breakouts seasons or numerous trips to the pro-bowl, but only the special backs become legendary, Hall of Fame figures.

Former Eagles linebacker and Cowboys hater, Seth Joyner, believes the baton has been passed, proclaiming Dallas rookie Ezekiel Elliott, already better than Emmitt Smith.

Yes all-time leading rusher, Emmitt Smith.

“He’s better than 22,” Joyner said of Elliott on Monday’s 94WIP Midday Show with Joe DeCamara and Jon Ritchie, the morning after the Cowboys’ 29-23 overtime win vs. the Eagles.

“I’ve always said, if you took back Barry Sanders and you put him behind that line that Emmitt played, he’d double the amount of yards that Emmitt had. It’s not a slight to Emmitt. Emmitt was a good running back, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say he was a great running back because he had the best offensive line. I mean, some of those holes were just — you could drive a mack truck through it.”

I’ll give Seth the benefit of the doubt — he’s a member of the media now, and such a hot take will have his name buzzing for the remainder of the weekend.

“If I was one on one in the hole against Barry Sanders, I’d probably almost crap my pants,” Joyner continued. “I’m just being honest. When you’re talking about running backs, he’s the guy that I least liked playing against. But if I was ever in the hole against Emmitt one on one, no problem. No worries. I’m not worried about that at all. And when I see Zeke Elliott, the way he runs. Oh my gosh. He runs with an attitude. He is what I call a generational running back. You only see a guy like that once every few generations.”

Seth just wanted some attention, but the facts remain clear and until Elliott reaches eight Pro Bowls, four rushing titles, and three Super Bowls rings — along with his name at the top of the leagues all-time rushing list — there’s no way we can make such a statement.

I don’t want to hear about Emmitt Smith’s line either, because Ezekiel’s got some road-graders at his disposal.

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