Former LSU Players Return For Pre-Camp Workouts

There has always been a saying that if you workout and train hard, the games should easy.

Well in this day of time college football it only makes sense for players from certain programs to return to where it all started.

That same tradition is being upheld at LSU.

According to via the Boston Herald several Tigers have made the trek back to Baton Rouge for a summer tradition of getting together to workout on the Bayou.

“If you can train down here and get in shape in this heat, you can pretty much play anywhere,” Ridley said to Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald. “It’s always good to come down here and get this work in before we kick off the season.”

There are former LSU Tigers everywhere blended in with current Tigers which allows competition and work-ethic to ooze out everywhere all over the place.

The same things goes on at Florida State, USC, Florida, Alabama and so on.

That summer time work is what turns also ran programs into the cream of the crop programs who go to war for recruits every fall.

Patriots running back and former LSU running Stevan Ridley spoke about the influence Joseph Addai had on him.

“Down here at LSU, it’s all about competition,” Ridley said. “We’re trying to be better than the guy that’s beside us. It’s really like playing a trick on your mind that you’ve got to come out here and bust it and be the best at every rep. Coach Moffitt, that’s what he expects out of his football team, and that’s what he expects out of us when we come back. He’s yelling, and he’s getting it. He wants us to have perfect reps. Don’t just come in there just to do the lifts to get by. He wants us to come in, work hard, get better and get better every day. That’s why guys come back.”

We shall see what kind of shape some of the former Tigers will be in a few weeks.


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