Friends of Johnny Manziel Expose All The Drugs He is Taking


It’s amazing how the friends that are along for all the partying and wild dysfunction, usually become the same people selling their story to publications detailing your fall from grace.

It’s Johnny Manziel’s turn now, as friends and family turned to Vanity Fair — detailing early warning signs of hard-core drug use from Manziel’s early days at Texas A&M.

In excerpts from the New York Daily News — close friend Steven Brant tells a story of the time Manziel’s mother, Michelle, found “drug paraphernalia” in the quarterback’s off-campus house.

“She came into the house and found some pipes and she totally freaked out,” Brant told Vanity Fair. “They moved him out. It happened so fast. I was out playing basketball, and when I came back Johnny was gone, and so was all of his furniture.”

According to Brant friends and family were always concerned about his habit getting out of control.

“Ever since the Heisman, Nate was hinting about drugs, getting it to stop,” Brant said. “He was acting all concerned, because Johnny was his meal ticket.”

According to Vanity Fair, Manziel regularly used marijuana, Xanax, ecstasy and cocaine.

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