Gators Freshman Recruit Dante Phillips Denied Admission Due To Academics

I’m sure nothing can be more frustrating than being a big time college football recruit who commits to the school of his dreams, only to find out that institution won’t let you in.

Dante Phillips is the No 9 rated defensive tackle in the country and yearned to be a Florida Gator.

Not so fast.

The Gainesville Sun is reporting that Phillips who is academically qualified by the NCAA will not be granted admission by the University OF Florida.

Phillips stepfather Damon Wilson said the family was shocked.

“We were kind of blindsided,” Wilson said Monday. “He did everything he needed to do to be cleared by the (NCAA) Clearing House, but now he’s been told he doesn’t have a scholarship to Florida.

Phillips said he’s been in contact with coaches from some of the schools that offered him scholarships, including Miami. He said he would like to play in the SEC, though.

I feel bad for Phillips but he still has an opportunity to play big time college football and on a high level.

Best thing Dante Phillips can do is enroll in another SEC program and give the Gators hell for 4 years.


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    I think he will be okay

  3. i didnt know the Gators were that picky abut academics

  4. i didnt know the Gators took being edumacated for seriously

  5. That is kind of funny. Does Florida consider itself a sister University to Harvard or something?

    Just pick another school and go for it !!!

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