Geno Smith Says He And Mark Sanchez Have ‘No Hard Feelings’ (Video)

Geno Smith may have passed on Mark Sanchez’s Jets West camp, but in his eyes, he and Sanchez are cool.

While speaking to OCNN, Smith said ‘he and Sanchez have no hard feelings.”

“Me and Mark are cool. There’s no hard feelings or anything,” Smith said. “He’s up there getting some work with the guys, I’m down here getting work, some guys are going to be down here today. It’s just been good.”

Smith has always made it clear that he skipped Sanchez’s camp to focus on his own personal fundamentals.

“I’m taking this competition very seriously, preparing myself to be a starter as I’ve said all along,” Smith added, via “And I think the media, they’re doing their jobs. They gotta create a hot story, they gotta keep the fans interested, so they’re going to put whatever they want out there.”

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