George Foreman: Floyd Mayweather better Boxer than Muhammad Ali


Floyd Mayweather Jr. thinks he’s a better boxer than Muhammad Ali ever was, and he has a co-signer in former World Heavyweight champion — George Foreman.

Speaking with TMZ on Friday, Foreman agreed with Mayweather. While there’s no doubt many will take issue with Foreman’s opinion, his belief holds some weight considering he once stepped into the ring with Ali.

“Pound for pound,” Foreman said, “Floyd is better than me and Muhammad Ali ever were.”

Foreman, who racked up 76 wins and only five losses in his boxing career, believes that Mayweather’s competition is better than the foes he and Ali faced during their careers.

“This is a better generation by far,” Foreman said. “They’re smarter, they’re stronger, they’re overall just better fighters.”

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