Giants Players Considering Anthem Protest After Terence Crutcher Shooting


The one member of the New York Giants I most wanted to hear from, obviously had no comment.

In a response to the fatal shooting of Terence Crutcher, by Tulsa, Oklahoma, police — Newsday is reporting that a handful of Giants players are considering some form of protest to raise further awareness over the use of lethal force against minorities by police.

“As of right now we’re not doing anything different, but that could change,” linebacker Keenan Robinson said. “We are guys who have a voice, and we understand our voice is seen and heard across the world.”

“Remove football for a minute, and this is life,” Jennings said. “These are real issues that people are dealing with on a daily basis that are blinded by a lot of entertainment. And we’re a part of who we are entertaining. We’re football players. It’s Sunday, people think ‘What are they doing? What’s my fantasy points look like?’ In reality, people are dying.”

There’s no word on whether Victor Cruz will take part of if he has any opinion about the shooting, especially after he slammed Kaepernick a few weeks ago in the media.

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