Hakeem Nicks Breaks Bone In Right Foot


New York Giants stud wide out Hakeem Nicks broke the fifth metatarsal bone in his right foot this morning while running routes during the teams OTA session.

According to nfl.com Nicks will be out up to 12 weeks while rehabbing.

Nicks will probably miss most of the team’s training camp which begins on July 26th, at the University of Albany.

According to a news released sent out by the Giants, Nicks will undergo surgery on Friday in Charlotte, N.C. Dr. Robert Anderson in Charlotte will insert a screw into the broken bone.

Nicks had 76 receptions for 1192 yards and 7 touchdowns.

You never want a teammate to get injured but somewhere Victor Cruz and his agent are plotting out how to approach this situation as they look to get the “Salsa” man a raise from the $540,000 he’s scheduled to make.


  1. Reply Post By smooches90

    You rolling em out! Keep em coming!!

  2. I’m sorry for this happening to him, but it makes me feel a little more optimistic about my situation. I’ve been out 10 weeks so far and was wondering why it was taking me so long.

    1. damn sorry to hear. hope the rehab goes well. broke that same bone in my foot in 2001

      1. Wow, how long did your recovery take?

        1. same. bout 10 to 13 depending on your healing process. took me 13. still walk with a slight limp

          1. That’s crazy…you said that was in 2001 right??!?! I gotta get back in the gym and continue my bball career! LOL!

            1. yea i feel you. guess it depends on the rehab. some people just will always have a problem wit it

              1. Thanks for your input, I hope I’m an exception to the rule!

                1. you will just probably wear braces from now on

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