Brady, Brady, Brady and i’m not talking about Tom Terrific.  Quinn you my man had no shot, none what so ever of getting away with such DISRESPECTFUL and unflattering comments about the NFL golden boy Tim Tebow.

Quinn made a bevy of harsh comments during a GQ Magazine interview conducted by Michael Silver.  The article is title “The year of Magical Stinking: An Oral History of Tebow Time.”

Quinn was quoted as saying, “We’ve had a lot of, I guess, luck, to put it simply.” There’s more.  Quin also stated that he felt like the fans were the reason Tebow took Kyle Orton’s job and not himself.    This is a lot of venom and hating coming from a quarterback who in 5+ seasons has played in 14 games, completed 184 passes, amassed a lackluster 1,902 yards with an 10-9 touchdown to interception ratio.

Brady Quinn sir please get a grip.  You are not Tom Brady, You are not Eli Manning, shit you’re not Andy Dalton or even T.J. Yates for that matter.  You are the polar opposite of the man you just bashed.  You are the underachiever from Notre Dame with the Hollywood looks and terminator physique.  You look the part yet play the worst.  You are the man who was drafted 22nd overall in the 2007 NFL draft and managed to bumble yourself right out of Cleveland in the trade that finally allowed Peyton Hillis to shine.  You are the guy who after arriving in Denver could not unseat Tebow or Orton.  You are the guy who probably felt both quarterbacks were inferior to you.   You Brady Quinn are the man in the mirror.  Take a look into it HATER!!!!


  1. Tebow, “You see me, HI HATER, HI HATER….”

  2. Everybody has at least one HATER if you don’t then you obviously not doing something right! FOH Brady Quinn

  3. Damn Real Talk! Ridiculosness! Get em! STOP HATIN ON EACH OTHER PPL!

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    Yo this article was hilarious. I agree with DBack the hate needs to stop! Ppl in general spend to much time worrying about other people accomplishments instead of producing their own and wonder why they unsuccessful!

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