How Ryan Lochte’s Lying Could Cost Him Millions In Endorsements


Ryan Lochte has bigger fish to fry than just his mom — with Lochte likely to lose all of his endorsement deals after throughly embarrassing the United States.

If you’ve been under a rock, Lochte and three other US swimmers were allegedly robbed at gunpoint by men posing as law enforcement according to Ryan’s mom.

After several days of scrutiny and investigation — it now seems that Lochte and his teammates were lying — with Brazilian officials reportedly have video evidence that refutes the robbery claims.

In fact it seems Lochte and friends may have committed a crime, after trashing the gas station.

Causing such a commotion is sure to hit Lochte in the pockets, as the swimmer has deals with Speedo and Ralph Lauren to name a few.


Lochte, 34, is a four-time Olympian who was likely set to walk away from the sport as one of its greatest ambassadors — thus leading to more lucrative days.

Now — who knows what his legacy will be.

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