Iverson On The Tyronn Lue Step Over Jokes (Video)

Allen Iverson has always professed his love for Tyronn Lue — so it was no surprise to hear the soon to be Hall of Famer– say that he doesn’t like when people make jokes about the infamous step over.

Iverson — who is hours away from finding out if he’ll enter the Hall — sat down with Rachel Nichols and The Jump — to discuss a range of topics.

The Answer talked about his influence on some of today’s biggest stars, the fire that he sees in LeBron James and the love he has for the Cavaliers head coach.

“I don’t like it because I love him. I don’t like people joking on him and all that, because that’s my man.”

After finding out that Lou found humor in the memes and jokes — Iverson changed his tune a bit.

“Okay, cool then, then I can have fun with it then. I didn’t even know I did it. I was in the moment. Just like everybody talks about the Jordan crossover, I ain’t remember that. I was just playing.”

It was one of the greatest moves I’ve witness in a big-game setting.

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