IVERSON Stepped Over Tyronn Lue 15 Years Ago, Today (Video)

It was a Hall of Fame worthy move, and it still brings chills to fans some 15-years later.

15-years-old today at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, Allen Iverson famously hit a step-back jumper over Lakers guard Tyronn Lue in game one of the 2001 NBA Finals, and then stepped over the now Cavs head coach.

If you ask Aaron McKie — it was Phil Jackson’s fault that Lue suffered that embarrassment.

“And he knew what Tyron Lue was in the game for, and he always took exception that,” Mckie said. “Anytime they tried to throw a person in the game to just kind of guard him, he just took it personal. He’s like, ‘Give me the ball right here. I’mma destroy this guy, watch this.’

“And he just had supreme confidence in his ability and in his self at any moment on the court, he just felt like it was a disrespect for you to think as an opponent, that you could one guy out on the court and that guy is gonna be able to stop him.”

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