Jaguars Owner Tells Jones-Drew To Get On The Train

I’ll give it to Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan, he isn’t budging or playing around with running back Maurice Jones-Drew.

He let it be known from the start that the pro bowl running back would not receive a new deal, and that was that.

Pro Football Talk is reporting that Mr Khan has another message for MJD.  A clear one.

“Train is leaving the station. Run, get on it,” Khan said, via Gene Frenette of theFlorida Times-Union.

Khan also went on to say that Jones-Drew’s absence wasn’t a great concern.

The owner who clearly has a franchise in flux is not playing around with Jones-Drew at all.

Many in the Jaguars locker room feel MJD will report soon.  In my opinion that would be his best bet.

In this pass happy NFL, running backs come a dime a dozen.  Will they be as good as he is?  Probably not.

This is one owner though who doesn’t have a problem finding out.

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