Jason Kidd Holds First Practice As Nets Head Coach

Brooklyn Nets rookie head coach held his first practice as a head coach on Wednesday according to ESPN New York.

Kidd and the Nets will be participating in the Orlando Summer League, as the Nets will take on the Pistons.

“I’m [more] observant right now,” Kidd said. “Someone brought up it could be sort of a ‘summer school’ type situation where I’m learning from [some] of the best, so right now it’s observing and giving input and understanding and getting comfortable with the coaching aspect of it.”

Kidd will be breaking the norm when he coaches the Nets in summer league.  Head coaches usually abstain from coaching during the summer, but because Kidd is a raw, rookie head coach, he’ll be taking the reigns early.

“It’s a little different being called Coach or looked upon as the head coach, that will take a little time. But I think we’ll get there and be comfortable with that situation,” Kidd said.

Kidd said he was a bit nervous at his first practice.

“I had nerves when I was a player in every game. Someone told me, ‘If you don’t get nervous, you don’t care.’ So yeah, I was nervous, because I care and I want to put guys in position to be successful offensively and defensively,” Kidd said.

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