Jerry Jones Tells Dez Bryant To Shape Up

Yesterday morning Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was “Too Pissed” To Talk to Dez Bryant.

Later in the evening the two had a heartfelt conversation.

Today Jerry let it be known Dez better shape up or the Cowboys will move on without him. via The Dan Patrick Show reported that Jones means business in regards to Bryant.

“He’s just got to come on, step up and accept responsibility, and I think he can get there,” Jones told Mike Florio, who is pinch-hitting for Patrick this week. “I’m demanding that he work through it. He must do it or we can’t count on him.”

“We will move on,” Jones said when Florio asked if the team would move on from Bryant if he doesn’t work through his off-the-field issues.

The comments speak volumes about how serious Jones is about Bryant and his Cowboys.  THe mediocrity and inconsistencies this team show will no longer be tolerated.

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