Jets Using Tim Tebow To Woo Jeff Demps

The New Yorks Jets are trying to sign former gators and olympic sprinter Jeff Demps.   So who better to enlist for the job than Demps former quarterback and Florida teammate Tim Tebow.

Pro Football Talk is reporting that the Jets are very interested in Demps.

Tebow spent two seasons with Demps in Gainesville and had his brain picked by Jets brass.

“Yeah, they asked me about him,” Tebow said, in comments distributed by the team. “Jeff is a great guy and a great player and he is someone that I was proud to play with in college. He did a great job for us in college. I feel like wherever he goes he’ll work hard and do a good job for that team.”

Tebow acknowledged that he and Demp had a conversation but did not try to pressure his former teammate.

“I talk to him as a friend, but the Jets [are] a great organization and a great place,” Tebow said. “Would we love to have him? Absolutely. I would as a teammate just because I know how hard he works and what he could bring to the table.”

Signing Demps would greatly add to the Jets overall team speed, something that they lack on offense.  Running back Joe McKnight is the closest thing to a speedster the Jets have on offense.


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