Jimmy Butler on Why He’d Be A Better WR Than Antonio Brown, Demaryius Thomas (Video)


Jimmy Butler is a high level pro athlete, and he looked really impressive running routes against Klay Thompson — but does the Bulls star really believe he could be a top NFL wide receiver?

The Bulls star believes so — jokingly (I think) telling ESPN that Antonio Brown and Demaryius Thomas better watch out.

“I really love the game of football. I think I’m really good at it,” Butler said on Saturday to ESPN. “I could probably take Demaryius Thomas’ spot, Antonio Brown’s spot. I told them they’re lucky I’m playing in the Olympics, or I would be getting a franchise tag with one of their organizations.”

“He’s an idiot,” Durant jokingly said.

“Jimmy has no shot. Jimmy’s not as good a receiver as the worst receiver in the NFL,” Draymond Green added.

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