Joel Embiid Wants to Be Announced as “The Process”; Changes Social Media Names


Joel Embiid and Sam Hinkie will always be tied at the hip, and if the Philadelphia 76ers achieve championship level goals, it will because of Joel Embiid finally getting healthy.

Hinkie, during some of the worst criticism for his approach to tanking — penned the term “Trust The Process” in a letter to Sixers fans, that became the motto for the franchise and most importantly Embiid.

According to John Smallwood of the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Philadelphia 76ers center asked Sixers PA announcer Matt Cord to include introduce him as the “The Process.”

EARLIER THIS WEEK, Joel Embiid asked longtime Sixers public address announcer Matt Cord to add his new self-claimed middle name “The Process” to his official introduction.

It’s not as catchy as “The Big Aristotle” (Shaquille O’Neal) or “The Big Fundamental (Tim Duncan), but if Embiid can develop into half the big man as those two legends did, he can name himself whatever he wants.

I’m with it, and Embiid is just as confident as ever — adding the nickname to all of his social media, and predicting a Rookie of The Year Award on the low as well.



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